Firmware update for Canon EOS R5 instead of Mark II release in 2023

Despite months of swirling rumors about an impending Canon R5 Mark II release, new information hints at a current model firmware update instead.

Since months ago, everyone with an interest in Canon camera releases has probably been hearing about an impending release of a new version of the extremely-popular R5. This was supposed to be a Mark II model with updated specs.

The brunt of these rumors hinted at a mid to late-2023 release for the improved model. Now, it’s looking less likely. Instead, new information found by the site Canon Rumors indicates that the camera’s release might not happen until 2024.

Canon fans in 2023 will instead have to make to with something much more modest: a major firmware update for the current R5 edition.

While this itself is still great news for owners of the existing Canon R5, it’s not quite as interesting as a complete camera release would have been for any would-be buyers who were waiting for just that.

If these updated rumors are true, the R5 Mark II might come out at around the same time as the heavily-delayed Canon EOS R1.

The current R5 is of course an impressive device even in its update-free version. The camera delivers superb 8K video recording performance and offers a powerful 45MP full-frame sensor.

These and other specs combine to make it an extremely robust working photographer’s pro camera and a great video production tool.

Other features of the existing R5 include Dual Pixel autofocus with subject tracking and a wide range of video shooting specs.

On the other hand, Canon itself has left the current R5 model on something of a backstage footing by releasing still other cameras like the EOS R6. These come with even more powerful AF recognition technology while being cheaper than the R5 (though the R5 has a much larger sensor size.)

Thus, to compensate without yet releasing a newer version of the R5, Canon Rumors is claiming that the existing R5 will be given the latest subject recognition AF and possibly even a pre-shooting buffer feature via firmware.

Other aspects of the rumored firmware update might include improved lens breathing correction and a removal of its 30-minute video recording limit.

The firmware update might also include other features not yet available in any Canon EOS R-series camera.

Nobody outside of Canon knows exactly when the firmware update will come but Canon Rumors is suggesting an April announcement during the NAB 2023 expo.

If you’re considering a solid, high-performance workhorse camera that might soon become much better at no additional cost, now might be a good time to consider the Canon EOS R5.

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